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I’m a mom, writer, educator and a professional in the field of photography over 20 years.


Ioanna is a photographer, writer, curator and editor- based in Athens, Greece - working with international and Greek artists. She is now the arts editor for the best selling printed photography magazine in Greece (

She has published a significant number of articles in local and international cultural magazines. Ioanna  was also a member of the editorial board of the European photographic magazine Imago.


She has taught photography in Athens, Greece, since 2005, where she has also been active organizing, exhibitions, workshops and lectures. She’s also a practicing photographer having exhibited around Greece. She now teaches at the prestigious American College of Greece. 

She also participates in several of Europe’s leading photography festivals as a portfolio reviewer, including Rencontres d’ Arles and Rhubarb Rhubarb, among others.

Joanna has successfully edited several specialized photography pages in magazines, artists' catalogues and books. 

Last but not least, she is the proud mother of little twin girls and she is increasingly getting involved with alternative educational methods and experiential learning. She has been teaching Czech to foreigners in Greece and she also created her own educational method for teaching bilingual children (now under the title "The Magic Hour"). 

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